Welcome to DIET Birbhum 

As per spirit of the National Policy of Education (NPE) in 1986, few centrally sponsored schemes were introduced for strengthening need based Teacher Education. To ensure the goal, MHRD, Govt. of India has decided to establish the DIET (District Institution of Education & Training) in each district for the empowerment of the teachers and the quality & activity based teacher education according to the need of the classrooms and the society, under the guidance, plan, programme and academic activities of the state level nodal agency (SCERT) under the NCERT. In order to enhance the quality of elementary education of Birbhum district, School Education Department,Govt. of West Bengal had decided to set up a new DIET at Abdarpur, Birbhum in 1998 and PWD had constructed the DIET building’s and handed over it to the School Education Department, West Bengal in the year 2001. But Abdarpur DIET was not functioning officially till 2006, due to lack of recruitment of staffs. DIET, Abdarpur, Birbhum has been officially functioning since 28.11.06, after joining the Principal (Madhu Sudan Kayal) of this establishment.

Our Mission

1. Transact holistic education in a homely enviornment to our students.

2. Our students not only acquire the teaching expertise but also learn to make the learning
driven by curiosity and creativity.

3. To impart and nurture a variety of skills for our students thus they can apply their learning
among their students.

4. We take a leading part to promote our local and cultural heritage by organising different
Program and Competition from school level to national level under the guidance of NCERT,
School Education Department and SCERT, WB.

5. We organise In-service training for the Head teachers and Assistant teachers of Primary and
High Schools in different subjects and skills.

6. We take a leading part in national level Program of NCERT.

Our Vision

“ to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement”

– Article 51A of Constitution of India

Thus according to DIET guidelines of Ministry of Human Resource and Development , 1989 our mission is not only pursuit the excellence in Pre service D.El.Ed. Training as well as Inservice training also.

“To provide academic and resource support at the grass-roots level for the success of the various

We aspire to contribute the society through action research and survey in education field under the guidance of NCERT, School Education Department and SCERT, WB .

We place great emphasis on curricular as well as co-curricular activities under the guideline of New Education Policy 2020.


Principal Message

Students are one of the leaders of our nation. They are our resource. As a part of our course they will become responsible teacher who will nourish our future generation. I with my colleagues have a great responsibility to give them a holistic education throughout the
journey in our institution. We always lend our helping hands when they are in trouble. Our utmost focus to build each child a good citizen of world. I believe that they can stand erect in any critical situation to maintain communal harmony and heritage of our country.

-Amalendu Shee

Various Programmes of DIET

Nabin Boron 2023-25

Folk Dance Competition 2023

Teachers’ Day Celebration 2023

Supportive Supervision